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OS Support: Windows 2k3, Windows 2000, Windows 7 x64, Windows XP, Windows Other, Windows Server x32, Windows Vista x32, IOS, Windows 7 x32, Windows Server x64, Windows Vista x64, Windows 8 x32, Windows 8 x64, Android,


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Date added: 18 Aug 2014

Last Update: 17 Aug 2014

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Flash Player is a lightweight, highly expressive client runtime that delivers powerful and consistent user experiences across major operating systems, browsers, mobile phones, and devices.

Adobe System

Adobe Flash Player 14 software supports browser so you can see the flash picture while surfing the web. Flash Player 14 is a compact application, providing strong user experiences and consistent across operating systems, browsers, mobile phones and other popular devices. Adobe Flash Player is software plug-in support for multiple browsers provide a breakthrough in the user's web experience and is installed on over 98% of Internet-connected computers. Flash Player has been optimized to obtain high performance capability on the phone screen and is designed to maximize the ability of the device, providing the user experience richer and more diverse.


     A rich user experience
     Experience attractive media
     Deploy powerful web applications during execution
     Time-dependent multi-platform implementation of appropriate and popular
     Built for mobile devices
     Create productivity and efficiency and the implementation of
     Tapping creativity
     Control user security
     Associated with network and system resources
     Appropriate web experience.

Changes on the new version:

what's new in Adobe Flash Player

- [Win8.1][IE11] Resolves an issue introduced with Flash Player that affected Dragon Quest Monster Parade (3818827)
- [Win8.x][IE10+] printJob.addPage() no longer throws an erroneous exception (3822297)
- [Win8.x] Fixes an issue where Print To Printer only printed the first page (3825794)
- [Win8.x][MSFT 654468] Full-Screen content is incorrectly scaled when the user requests Full-Screen Mode after zooming in or out with the browser zoom (3822208)
- [Win][Firefox] Fixes an issue where FileReference.browse() file dialog was opening behind the browser window (3822025)
- [Mac] Resolves an issue introduced with Flash Player Using the volume keys on the keyboard now works as expected in Adobe Connect (3827641)
- [Mac] Resolves an infrequent issue where the Flash Player installer could not determine the correct OS version for users on MacOS 10.8+ (3814718)
- [Mac 10.9+] Resolves an issue where Flash Player would use a large amount of CPU if the network was disconnected while a video using the Adobe Video Engine was playing (3811674)
- Stage3D Content is now available on the Nvidia Tegra K1 (3809317)
- WebVTT Captions are now correctly displayed after a mid-roll ad is inserted into a video stream (3809912)
- [HTTP Live Streaming] The lowest possible bitrate i-frame stream was not being used if TrickPlay was enabled (3812854)

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