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This tool creates a sitemap for a website i.e. a list of the site's webpages.

4dots Software

Free Sitemap Creator 1.5 لقطة شاشةThis tool creates a sitemap for a website i.e. a list of all the webpages that belong to a website. This is very useful for search engine submissions (e.g. Google) , for creating a sitemap webpage for your website visitors etc. At first, specify the "Site URL" that will be a prefix to all urls of your site.Afterwards, specify the directory where the files of your website exist. Then specify the files pattern i.e. which type of files should be included in your sitemap. The patterns should be semicolon (;) separated e.g. *.html;*.htm;*.php;*.aspx;*.asp;*.phtml . In addition, you can specify whether the output will be a simple text list of the urls of your website (as is required for Google) or an html page with links to your webpages (for example in order to create a sitemap webpage).
Press "Crawl" to get the list of files that will be included in your sitemap. Press the "Remove" button to remove specific files from the list. At last, press "Create Sitemap" to generate the sitemap.

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