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TagsForAll 3.15.0

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نص 3.15.0

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تاريخ الاضافة: 26 Sep 2014

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A tag based file manager. Perfect for streamlining the access to images, documents, photos, books, multimedia content, etc. Provides a more flexible and intuitive approach to organizing your files.


TagsForAll 3.15.0 لقطة شاشةAn excellent solution based on tags(keywords) to provide easy access to documents, images, photos, multimedia content, and more.
TagsForAll provides all the advantages of the classical hierarchical file-system organization: You can easily navigate through tags as if they were folders.
The advantages of such approach are more human-friendly interface, because to find a file, you only need to know one or more keywords associated with that file (instead of the full path to the file). This way, you can get access to your files more easy.
Unlike the traditional hierarchical file system, tags kinda let you place a file, depending on its content, into several different folders at once.
The number of tags that you can use is limited only by good sense.
Let's take a look at some example:
Suppose you want to sort your movie collection by the date of release, by actor, and by genre.
Say, you have The Sixth Sense starring Bruce Willis. Without TagsForAll, you would probably create the folders "1999" (year), "Bruce Willis" (actor), and "Mystery" (genre), and put the video file or reference to it into each of them. But when you use TagsForAll, you only need to assign tags to the video file.
This way, you can quickly and easily find movies in your collection by genre or by the date of release.
It also makes sense to use TagsForAll to organize your family photo archive, using many tags. For example, you can use such tags as "person," "place," "event," and "date" (surely, you can add other tags, too). This way, you can easily find photos taken in some (tag) year, or with some (tag) person, or in some (tag) location, or in some (tag) season, or with some (tag) ... just imagine which tag you could use.

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