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Invoice Quotations and Purchase orders

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تاريخ الاضافة: 21 Aug 2014

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This software is made to create invoices, quotations and purchase orders. With its powerful interface it provides many attractive features and yet very flexible to integrate into your own business operations. It can support one company or multiple

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Invoice Quotations and Purchase orders لقطة شاشةBelow is a summary of features:
1. Create and maintain different company profiles
2. Create invoices, purchase orders and quotations
3. Create numbering systems for invoices, purchase orders or quotations. Customise the format of the numbering system. Each company can have its own numbering system.
4. Add your company logo, address and contact information, also set up a tax/vat rate and choose if you want to apply tax/vat or not.
5. Customise your purchase terms, payment status,add unlimited sales contacts, shipping methods
6. Add custom customer messages or use one of the preloaded messages
7. Customise the number of columns that will appear in your invoice, quotation and purchase orders
8. Customise the names of columns that will appear in your invoice, quotation ad purchase orders.
9. Customise all labels that will appear in the invoice, quotation and purchase orders with the ability to display or hide any unwanted information. The customisation is also useful if you are building an invoice in a different language! Mainly you can change title labels to customise different aspects of your produced document. You can choose to display or hide labels on the document you are generating; this gives you more flexibility in generating your documents.
10. Also important to note that each customisation is unique to each company you create and all settings can be changed for every company profile.
11. Basic inventory management screen allowing you to add your products and prices for convenient use during the generation of invoices, quotations and purchase orders.
12. Import/export your own products and prices to the inventory manager. The import feature supports importing .csv files.
13. Backup and restore features
14. Use different preloaded templates or create your own by customising a template
15. Setup wizard to guide you through the setup process.
16. Help tutorials included.

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