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Free Docx to PDF Converter 1.0

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Convert DOC or DOCX format files to PDF ones with ease.

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Free Docx to PDF Converter 1.0 لقطة شاشةWhilst Docx files have become quite old when compared to other formats such as Doc, it is PDF which is one of the most popular file types of all. Most companies prefer to have all their literature in the latter format because of its professional appearance. In order to convert between the aforementioned formats, the Free Docx to PDF Converter is an ideal choice. It is a tool which allows users to create top class PDF files with just a few clicks. The speed with which the same is accomplished is also noteworthy. It is absolutely free of cost and can be downloaded by anyone with a PC or laptop that runs on Windows OS. Being a light weight tool, it requires low or moderate system resources in order to get the conversion process completed. There are a number of features with which users can customize the resultant files as per their requirements. It does not require any additional specifications. Even those systems which do not have Adobe apps can make the most of the Free Docx to PDF Converter. With the batch conversion mode, a number of files with the .docx extension can be converted to PDF files in one go. The graphical user interface lets users control all the aspects of the tool without any hitches. The resultant files can be password protected and users can even add watermarks in order to increase the security. The destination folder can also be chosen by them before the conversion is started. It can be the same as the source folder and the existing files can be replaced with the new ones. The original layout, images, graphics, etc, are retained by the Free Docx to PDF Converter. It is a complete tool that is highly functional.

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