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QI Macros SPC Software for Mac 2015.11

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انظمة التشغيل المدعومه: Mac OS X,

نص 2015.11

الحجم 10.53Mb

نقرات: 742 الزوار

عداد التحميل: 458

الترخيص: عرض

العسر: 229 USD (الشراء الان)

تاريخ الاضافة: 11 Apr 2016

تاريخ التحديث الاخير: 01 Nov 2015

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SPC Software Mac, Affordable, Easy to Use, Excel Add-in. Create Charts in Second

KnowWare International Inc

QI Macros SPC Software for Mac OSX and Excel 2011. An affordable, easy-to-use Excel add-in for all of your data analysis needs. It draws pareto charts, histograms with Cp Cpk, box whisker plots, scatter and control charts. It contains over 100 Lean Six Sigma fill-in-the-blank templates such as an automated fishbone diagram, value stream map, QFD, DOE, FMEA, PPAP forms and MSA Gage R&R. It performs statistical analysis tests including ANOVA, t-test, F-test, and regression analysis.
This Excel add-in will deliver immediate results in business environments using Grab-It-And-Go Simplicity and mistake-proof selection of data. Your data can be connected or separated or in rows or columns. QI Macros will clean up nonnumeric data, fix any misalignments and use your data as you selected it.
QI Macros wizards contain functionality not included in any other six sigma or statistical process control software. The Chart Wizard selects and runs possible charts for you. The Control Chart Wizard selects and runs the right control chart for you. The Control Chart Dashboards simplify monthly reporting. The PivotTable Wizard simplifies analyzing complex transaction files. The Statistical Wizard selects and runs the right statistical tests and even interprets the results for you (e.g. reject or accept the null hypothesis, mean / variances are the same or different). Mistake-proof your six sigma data and statistical analysis using this powerful tool.
QI Macros is compatible with PC and Mac and Excel 2000 to 2013. We have over 100,000 users at 2,500+ hospitals and thousands of manufacturing companies world-wide. QI Macros is a single user perpetual license with no annual fees. There is no charge for technical support. Academic and quantity discounts are available. Free training resources and a 30 day trial is available for download on our website at

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Compatible with Excel 2016, Expanded Gantt Chart, Enhanced Sample Size Calculator, Levey Jennings Control Chart Dashboard, Fixed Limit Control Chart, Capability Suite of Six Charts, Histogram - Weibull Analysis, Automated Fishbone Diagram
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