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LoMag Warehouse Management لقطة شاشة LoMag Warehouse Management

LoMag Warehouse Management is a tool created for managing warehouses of a small or medium-sized enterprise.

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Calus 4.9 لقطة شاشة Calus

The program allows you to manage materials in a warehouse with loads, unloads and return.

به: warehouse, inventory, business, management,

jalada Hamia 2 1.2.0 لقطة شاشة jalada Hamia 2

jalada Hamia 2 is a challenging, brain-teasing puzzle game based on moving ice cubes around a playground with various places and corridors.

به: sokoban, puzzle game, concentration, brain training, block pushing, move boxes, warehouse, boxxle, shove It, jalada Chungu, puzzle, solitaire, memory game, puzzle game, concentration, brain training,

Seal Report 1.6 لقطة شاشة Seal Report

Open and powerful database reporting tool. Seal Report offers a framework for producing every day reports from any database.

به: database, reporting tool, data analysis, sql generation, cross tab, data-mining, data warehouse, HTML5, razor, oledb, odbc, .Net framework, open source, reporting software,

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